Saturday, December 31, 2011

Two Grenada police charged with manslaughter in death of Toronto man

  On Tuesday Oscar Bartholomew died from wounds received while in custody at the St. David's police station in Grenada. He, his wife, and a cousin had stopped by the station so his wife could use the washroom. Bartholomew thought he recognized a female officer as an old friend and hugged her and lifted her off the ground before realizing that he was mistaken.
   Other officers took his actions as an assault on the officer and arrested and allegedly beat him. After being denied medical treatment for several hours he was transported to the hospital where he died of his wounds.
   An eyewitness said that Bartholomew was bound and beaten by five officers. Two officers are now charged with manslaughter indicating the Grenada authorities are serious about investigating the incident. Bartholomew died of  trauma to the head and multiple wounds to the body according to an autopsy. Bartholomew is originally from Grenada and was visiting relatives with his wife over the holidays. For more see this article.

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