Saturday, December 10, 2011

Drunk RIM executives cause plane to divert to Vancouver

The two Research in Motion executives have since been fired. RIM makes the Blackberry. The two were on a flight from Toronto to Beijing.
Their behavior was so disruptive the plane finally diverted to Vancouver where the two were arrested. George Campbell, 45, and Paul Alexander Wilson, 38, were charged with mischief and pleaded guilty. The judge ordered that they pay 72,000 in restitution. They were given suspended sentences. They will be on parole for a year.
Apparently the two were quite drunk even at the start of the flight. They drank enough to pass out but then woke up and started yelling at each other Campbell lay belly down in the aisle kicking. One of the two assaulted one flight attendant and threatened another.
Crew members finally handcuffed the two with plastic restraints and tapes but they managed to chew through them! Flight attendants and passengers continued to restrain the two until the plane landed. Researach in motion is one thing but heavy drinking and rowdiness in motion are quite another. For more see this article.

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