Thursday, December 15, 2011

New border deal may close some smaller U.S. Canada crossing points

   Among the changes involved in the new U.S. Canada border deal is the closing of some border crossings with little traffic and merging others. In some cases the U.S. and Canadian officials could share the same building. The deal also suggests that border crossings should mirror each others working hours. As it is now the U.S. side and Canadian sides can have different hours of operation!
     The small crossings involved range from one coast, St. Stephen New Brunswick in the east to Chopaka B.C. in the west. Proposed closings include three crossings in Manitoba, in B.C two, and Alberta Quebec and New Brunswick one each.
    As well as sharing facilities, mirroring hours of operation and closing facilities the plans also suggest having unmanned crossings. There would be a camera but guards would be stationed elsewhere. However, many have expressed concerns that since there would be no one to search vehicles the crossings would attract those trying to smuggle goods from one country into the other. There are several crossings where Canada has closed its office but the U.S. post remains open. Travelers can enter the U.S.. through these crossings but must go elsewhere to come back to Canada. For more see this article.

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I will say that the border issues between Canada and the USA have escalated badly. They don't appear to be returning to any sense of normalcy yet, and it's been over a year.

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