Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Grenada: Canadian man from Toronto dies after alleged police beating

 A 39 year old Canadian, Oscar Bartholomew, died after being arrested by police who thought that Bartholomew was attacking a female police officer. Apparently Bartholomew thought a female police officer was an old friend. Bartholomew was originally from Grenada. He hugged her and lifted her off the ground before realizing his error.
   Unfortunately, the police took his actions as an attack on the officer. Grenada Broadcast reported he was beaten by police and succumbed to his injuries at a local hospital. Bartholomew and his wife were in Grenada visiting for the holidays. He, his wife and a cousin had stopped at the St. David's police station as his wife needed to use the bathroom. It was at this point that Bartholomew mistook the female officer for an old friend.
    The Prime Minister of Grenada said there would be a full investigation into the incident. The cousin who was present claimed police left Bartholomew bleeding in his cell for 3 hours before finally summoning an ambulance at the insistence of his wife. For more see this CBC article.

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