Saturday, December 17, 2011

Canada: Hay bales set on fire at Occupy Winnipeg

  With harsh winter weather setting in the Occupy Winnipeg site is now down to five tents and three of them have been ordered removed because they are not regularly occupied. On  October 15th about 400 people marched to the park area where the encampment is located.
    The hay bales were used as a wind break. They had been ordered removed as a fire hazard. Someone set them on fire during the night. No one was injured and nothing else was burned. Back on Nov. 25th someone burned an unoccupied tent as well.
    One of the three tents that are to be removed is actually a yurt structure in which meetings were held but with the numbers dwindling so are the meetings no doubt. There are only two tents left that are regularly occupied. Other people no doubt drop by but few want to stay in the frigid weather with no heat. A representative of those remaining said that they plan to beef up security. However with only two tents left it may be problematic to find people to act as security guards! For more see this article.

Terry Weaymouth inspects a removal order on an abandoned tent. The yurt in the background has also been ordered removed

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