Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day: Guess what Canadians are shopping for bargains

   There were early morning lineups across the country in some big malls. The West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton Alberta and the Eaton Centre in Toronto all had lineups as shoppers waited to snatch bargains in many areas including electronics and clothing.
   The Yorkdale Shopping Center in Toronto expect up to 100,000 to shop today. In some of the Atlantic provinces however big store cannot open because of local laws governing the Boxing Day holiday. There were a lot of deals Xmas Eve especially on line. This may mean lower sales for Boxing Day sales. Also, this year a lot of Canadians were lured into purchasing items on Black Friday.
    However sales of many electronic items have dropped from last year's volumes and this may mean that some Canadian consumers are waiting for the traditional Boxing Day sales. The lineups at the Eaton Centre in Toronto saw 500 people in line at 6 AM this morning! Wide screen TV's were among the discounted items and they were bought by many. Canadians are already very much in debt but being patriotic they continue to ensure that the economy does not go into depression!

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