Thursday, December 29, 2011

Harper Government not campaigning for seat on UN Security Council

    Foreign Affairs minister John Baird says that the Harper government will not be campaigning again for a seat on the UN Security Council. Last year Canada lost out to Portugal in a campaign for the two year term in the Council.
    Baird said: "you never want to stand for something and not be elected,""Listen, I mean, we don't go along to get along. That's just not a phrase," Certainly Baird gets along with Israel and also with those attempting to sabotage the Kyoto Accords and some other environmental issues.
      Baird said that if Canada had not been so vocal about human rights in Iran, Iran might have voted for us. I am not sure whether this is meant to be humor or not! The loss in the campaign last year was the first for Canada since the formation of the UN. Canada usually support U.S. policies at the UN but on Israel the Harper government manages to be if anything even more supportive of Israel on most policy issues. For more see this article.

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