Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas cats and cats playing in the snow

 The appended video shows that cats can enjoy snow. They may not like swimming but some of them at least can enjoy frolicking in the snow.
   None of them seem to know how to make snow angels. One frisky cat manages to  be sure-footed as it chases something across the ice.
   No doubt PETA will not like some of the cats shown dressed up in Xmas costumes. However the cats themselves probably are not all that much perturbed if they are offered treats in return.
    I set out food regularly for our local strays. One or two have become regulars who shelter in our old garage. They are enjoying the holidays and the relatively warm weather but I have not noticed them playing in the snow very much! Here is the link as well. I don't really know if these cats are Canadian cats.

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