Thursday, December 8, 2011

Canada will not make further commitment to Kyoto protocol

 As expected the environment minister for the Canadian Conservative government Peter Kent announced that Canad would not make any renewed commitment to the Kyoto Protocol. Kent' speech at the UN Durban climate conference was interrupted by a protest message.
   Six protesters members of the Canadian Youth Delegation stood as Kent began to speak. They turned their backs revealing the message "Turn Your Back on Canada" emblazoned on their T shirts. They were quickly removed and had their accreditation cancelled. The crowd however applauded the demonstration.
   The U.S. also has refused to sign on to Kyoto. Indeed Canada is often accused of pushing a U.S. type position at the conference. The Canadian position is that major emitters such as China and India must be involved in any new agreement. Developed countries such as the U.S.and Canada after themselves being responsible for global emissions over decades now want developing countries to bear the burden as well as they finally begin to develop their own economies. '
    Countries seem to put their own short term economic interests first and foist responsibility for tackling environmental problems on others rather than taking the lead themselves. The Conservative Harper government has always been opposed to Kyoto and made no attempt to meet targets. Observers expected Kent's announcement. Canada earned the fossil of the day award the other day. For more see this article.

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