Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Amazon comes first in poll of customer satisfaction

 Foresee runs a poll of the 40 largest online retailers about every six months. came first in the survey at 88 out of a 100 possible points. This was the 14th consecutive time Amazon has been first and was up two points from the last survey.
   Among the big losers in the survey was Netflix. Although the company had come close to the top of the surveys earlier, in this survey it fell to a rating of 79 and suffered the largest decline of any retailer. The drop happened after Netflix tried to raise its prices and split off its DVD service from its streaming service. The customer reaction was so negative that the company scrapped its plans. However the damage was already done. Netflix shares have lost more than half their value this year.
   Gap was another poor performer in the ratings this year but came last at a rating of 72. Tiger Direct improved the most with a gain of six but still only at 79. More information can be found in this BNN article.

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