Monday, October 27, 2008

What if Iran attacked the terrorists at Ashraf City in Iraq?

Apparently the US attacked a village in Syria because they thought that it harboured Al Qaeda suspects who infiltrated into Iraq. Well there is a group of anti-Iranian terrorists at Ashraf city in Iraq. Maybe Iran should attack them in the name of self defence or their right to carry out the war against terror no matter where!

What if the Iranians decided in self-defence to attack Ashraf city the home of an anti-Iranian terrorist group in Iraq. Ashraf city is protected by the Americans even though those same Americans have the terrorist group on their terrorist list! Boggles the mind? Usually of course terrorists who support the US are not called terrorists at all. But these terrorists are not pure US supporters. They are Marxists and socialists who fought against the Shah and who supported Saddam Hussein at times. But then so did the US. Anyway what would happen if the Iranians who rightly regard these terrorists as a threat to them attacked Asraf city in the name of self defence? Well of course the Iranian attackers would be shot down if they used air transport and the US would no doubt do more than send a stiff diplomatic note to Tehran!The MEK or PMOI are worried that if jurisdiction of Ashraf city is given to the Iraqi authorities they will lose their protection. The Iraqi govt. does not look as kindly upon a terrorist group that helped Saddam Hussein and threatens their neighbour Iran as does the US. The US has found the PMOI useful as an intelligence gatherer and a pain in the neck to Iran.
Here are some relevant articles: from Unbossed.
For a long time Iraqis have been all too aware that the Bush administration sponsors a powerful group of Sunni terrorists in their midst, the MEK (or MOK), who are on the US State Department's list of terrorist organizations. Before the US invasion, these Marxist Iranian exiles had been sponsored by Saddam Hussein. But because the MEK enjoys American support, the Iraqi government has been unable to drive them out of the country
And this from the PMOI website:
Iraqi Prominent figure asks UN secretary general to guarantee protection of Ashraf City-In a letter to UN Secretary General, Ali Al-Qaisi, chairman of the Association of War Victims and member of Non-Governmental Organization’s Federation in the Islamic World, stressed on the necessity of guaranteeing Ashraf City protection.This letter partly reads: 'Camp Ashraf is the residence of more- than 3500 members of the PMOI, democratic opposition of the Iranian terrorist regime; in order to prevent the threats that have engulfed them, we ask you to intervene in order to provide their security and rights based on the international law.“On July 2, 2004, the US Government recognized the status of PMOI members in Camp Ashraf as 'protected persons' under the Geneva Convention and signed an agreement with each individual to assume protection of Ashraf until their final disposition is determined.”He added in his letter, “We want that the U. S. forces continue to protect the Ashraf residents. Under current conditions, transferring protection of Ashraf residents is nothing but welcoming a human catastrophe and violation of international conventions and covenants.”

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