Friday, October 17, 2008

Dion pulled Liberals to the Left?

This is a snippet from the Star.
So pulling to the left means supporting the Conservatives over 40 times while the other left parties voted against the Conservatives. Duh. I hope Manley gets the Liberal leadership then they can merge with the Conservatives. After all Manley was Harper's choice to frame his policy on Afghanistan.

The Liberals have traditionally governed as a large-tent party, attracting voters from both the left and the right. Dion pulled the party to the left, territory which is already occupied by the smaller New Democrats and the Greens.
He won the leadership race in 2006 by taking advantage of rivalry between heavyweight contenders Bob Rae and Michael Ignatieff, who fought each other in a bruising campaign.
Rather than watch the two men battle it out again, some Liberals are canvassing other candidates. The names most often mentioned are former federal finance minister John Manley and former New Brunswick premier Frank McKenna.
Neither man was speaking to reporters today, although Manley has already pointed out what he sees as Dion's errors.
"If I were to be critical of Stephane, I think he took the party in a direction where it was fighting in a very crowded field for too few votes on the left side of the spectrum and that's not where you win elections," he told the Globe's website yesterday.

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