Another victim of Canadian rendition lite...

This is from the Ottawa Citizen..

While attention is focused on the Iacobucci report this fellow still seems to be forgotten in the Sudan. So much for all the changes that the Arar inquiry brought about. More of the same rendition lite and more lack of accountability of anyone in the government.

Mr. Abdelrazik, of Montreal, was imprisoned in Sudan at Canada's request in 2003 after being labelled an al-Qaeda operative by U.S. authorities. He has told Canadian officials he was tortured while in Sudanese custody.Mr. Abdelrazik was released from custody in July 2006, but remains stranded in Sudan because Canada has refused to renew his travel documents.Mr. Abdelrazik's case, Ms. Pither said, demonstrated that the problems identified by two federal inquiries had not been fixed and that "it can, and is, happening again.".....


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