Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Democratic Space Seat Projections Oct 5

These projections are from Democratic Space. More details are available from the site. It seems that there is a slight but definite downward trend for the Conservatives and up for the Liberals although there is still a wide margin between Conservatives and Liberals. The seat projections show the Conservatives further from a majority government. If we have another minority it will be interesting to see if the Conservatives keep their promise that they will act as if they have a majority. If they do the Liberals will be have to decide if they will repeat their pathetic performance during the last session.
The Conservative campaign seems to be in trouble and perhaps peaked too soon. The disaster in the economy while Harper coos re-assuring tunes about the soundness of fundamentals probably didn't help him. Perhaps he hopes that coming out with his platform at this late date will create a renewed upward trend. However, that may be quite unlikely. The platform will be blasted once it is out there just as the Green Shift was. There will be complaints about the lateness of the release as well which gives little time for analysis.

Conservatives 135 (35.4)

Liberals 86 (25.4)

NDP 35 (19.6)

Bloc 49 (9.9)

Green 0 (8.7)

Other 2 (11.6)

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