Sunday, October 12, 2008

Democratic Space seat projections Oct. 10

More detail is available at DemocraticSpace. The numbers in parentheses are seats at dissolution. There were four vacancies. Data taken from Edmontonjournal. For a majority 155 seats are required. This result is only marginally different from the standing at dissolution. Harper needn't have called this election and it looks as if he will not achieve much of anything even though the Liberals were bankrupt, floundering, and in disgrace. Harper's Conservatives are no better and Harper called the election for opportunistic reasons after passing a fixed date election law to stop just such actions. People will opt for the two main parties no matter what it seems but that is the way the ruling class likes it. The U.S. is even more wedded to the Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum system for giving credibility to capitalist rule. Now both the parties are scrambling to use the bad old government to bail out those good old free markets. However Harper, our Bush on caution pills, has just injected cash into the banks by spending 25 billion on mortgage pools. We can be thankful that we have Harper and a minority not Bush and sub-prime mortgages. We have only Afghanistan not Iraq and Afghanistan. Buyout of mortgages rather than a trillion dollar bailout of financial institutions.

Conservatives 128 (127)

Liberals 91 (95)

NDP 34 (30)

Green 0 (01)

Bloc 53 (48)

Independent 2 (03)

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