Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Did Harper know?

This is from CBC.

Harper agreed to the release of the report even though it originally was thought to be released before the election. Now it will not be released until after the election. There is something fishy. I wonder if somehow Harper managed to get the release delayed. If the report was not just about finished why then did Page want to get the approval of the release from the leaders because it might effect voting? I would not be surprised if Harper knew that the report would be delayed or somehow managed to delay it with the excuse it was not finished. Nothing else makes much sense given the original request. You would not make the request unless you were sure it was going to be released before the election.

Afghanistan report won't be released before election
Last Updated: Tuesday, October 7, 2008 11:21 AM ET CBC News
A report detailing the cost of Canada's mission in Afghanistan will not be ready for release before the federal election next Tuesday.

Parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page was tasked with tallying the cost of the Afghan war since it began six years ago.

All party leaders had agreed to allow the release of the report, despite concerns it could sway how Canadians cast their ballots on Oct. 14.

But Page has told CBC News the report is not yet ready and it will not be released before the election.

Canada has about 2,500 troops in Afghanistan's volatile province of Kandahar.

The mission started in early 2002, shortly after the U.S.-led invasion that toppled the Taliban government, although some Canadian soldiers on exchange with the American military were in Afghanistan months earlier.

The Conservative government has previously estimated the total cost to date of Canada's mission is under $8 billion.

To date, 98 Canadians, including one diplomat, have lost their lives serving in the conflict.

The Conservative government has pledged to withdraw most of Canada's military forces from combat duties in Afghanistan by 2011.

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