Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Final Ekos seat projection.

This is from the Ekos site.

For a majority 155 seats are needed. This projection gives the Conservatives more seats than some other recent projections. Figure in parentheses are seats held at dissolution. My own view is that the Liberals will win a few more seats than projected and the Conservatives a few less. The NDP will gain a few more seats and the Greens will gain a big goose egg. I expect that there may be quite a number of Green and NDP votes go to the Liberals to stop Harper. What we need is an anyone but the two major parties campaign. I just voted and to my amazement as well as the standard four parties we had a Christian Heritage member running in our area and someone running under the label PPP . This is the People's Political Power party. Their policies are outlined at this website. Our Conservative member will be returned almost as certainly as the sun will rise tomorrow. We need proportional representation.

Conservatives 136 (127)

Liberals 84 (95)

NDP 35 (30)

Green 0 (1)

Bloc 51 (48)

Ind. 2 (3)

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Mathew Englander said...

What are the seats where independent candidates could win?