Sunday, April 22, 2012

Final polls show Wildrose party still leading in Alberta

While there has been a last minute attempt to persuade those in the center and the left to strategically vote for the Progressive Conservatives to keep out the scary further right Wildrose party there is little evidence it is working as far as polls are concerned. However, as the saying goes it is the final poll at the ballot box that counts.

The very latest polls can be found here at the CBC with a graph showing the historical trends as well. A poll by Leger on the 18th shows the following: Progressive Conservatives 36, Liberals 9 NDP(left) 10 and Wildrose 42. These are vote percentages.

The last poll I can find on April 20 shows: Progressive Conservatives 33, Liberals 11 NDP 11 and Wild Rose 41. There does not seem to be any shift to the Conservatives from the NDP or Liberals so the strategic voting campaign seems to be going nowhere.

For more details on the campaign and the positions of the parties see this CBC report.. Alberta is an oil rich province and has always elected various right wing governments in recent years. The province is dominated by oil interests but there is a great deal of ranching in some rural areas. It is perhaps seen as a sort of Texas north!

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