Thursday, April 19, 2012

Alberta: Polls show Wildrose still ahead of PCs

The right wing Wildrose party is challenging the right wing Progressive Conservative Party in the Alberta election. The Progressive Conservatives have ruled Alberta for four decades!

The parties are both run by women leaders, Danielle Smith for the Wildrose and Alison Redford for the Progressive Conservatives. A poll taken on April 16th by Leger gives the following percentages for the main parties. Liberals 9 per cent, NDP(left) 10 per cent Progressive Conservatives 36 per cent and the Wildrose 42 per cent. See this site..

Seat projections go against the ruling Progressive Conservatives. On April 16th the projections were: Liberal 1, NDP 4, Progressive Conservatives 33, Wildrose 49. See this site.

The Wildrose party has had some problems with two candidates who have had to clarify remarks about race and homosexuality. Smith has tried hard to keep her candidates under control. At a recent leaders debate the Wildrose leader Danielle Smith was heckled the most.

Smith has suggested that the science of global warming is not settled. This brought howls from some in the audience. However the Alberta oil patch supporters may not find this offensive!

There seems to be a stop the Wildrose party campaign. There is even a website entitled: "I Never Thought I'd vote PC". Perhaps some Liberals and NDPers might vote strategically.We will see but the campaign may be a sign of desperation on the part of the Progressive Conservatives. The vote is next Monday. For more see this article.

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