Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Up to 100 jobs may be cut at Canada Food Inspection Agency

In 2008 the government hired 70 new food inspectors after a listeriosis outbreak at a Maple Leaf meat processing plant was linked to 20 deaths. This seems now to be forgotten as up to 100 jobs may be cut in the agency according to the union representing workers at the agency.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is expected to receive notices that 308 employees in all will have their jobs impacted by planned cuts. Once a letter is received a process kicks in that could see the person be moved to another position within the department or even be transferred to a job in another department.

Bob Kingston a union representative said:"This decision will make the inspector shortage worse, not better. And because the government has failed to consult its own inspectors, they are cutting food safety blindly with little understanding of the consequences," He continued:"The federal government is turning its back on consumers with these cuts, taking food safety professionals out of the field. With no cop in the rear view mirror, food companies will have greater latitude to play fast and loose with our safety,"

 For more see the full article. While no doubt the union position is based upon protecting its own workers the facts speak for themselves

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