Sunday, April 1, 2012

Canada: 280,000 skilled worker applications to be wiped out by Immigration Dept.

If a business had huge lineups and long waits for service they would have more staff at more checkouts. That is not the way the government works. The government just lets the lines get longer and longer and the wait times longer and longer. If you complain you are likely to get your file put at the bottom of the pile. Now the lines and waits are impossibly long the solution is to just tell the people they will not be processed at all. Start over and apply under the new rules.

The Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has said elimination of the backlog is necessary so that the government can focus on new applicants who can fill specific labor gaps. Business needs is the focus and that is all that counts. It used to be that family unification was a strong focus. Now if those already here want to get their parents over as well often the line is so long that parents would have to come to Canada in a casket!

David Chalk a Montreal Lawyer remarks:“These people have had the rug pulled out from underneath them,” “The government of Canada invited people who had certain qualifications to apply, these people invested time energy and hope." Too bad. They must be sacrificed on the alter of service to some of those who support and donate to the Conservative Party.

Citizenship and Immigration complains that it is coping with half a decade of application backlogs. So whose fault is that? Certainly it is not the fault of all the applicants who spent time and money going through all the hoops that are required by immigration. For more see this CBC article.

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