Tuesday, April 10, 2012

CBC funding to be cut and jobs lost

The CBC funding has been declining for some time now. The broadcaster is disliked by many conservatives. It is often called the Communist Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). The company is noted for some excellent documentaries and programs but as it has had to become more dependent upon ads for funding IMHO it has declined in quality.

The CBC has both English and French services. The English services will lose 86 million from its budget including 256 full time jobs.

There will be cuts to programming including six less series. With 175 less hours one can expect repeats. Altogether the budget cuts 115 million from the budget over three years.

CBC news will lose 88 jobs and cut 10 million from its budget.There will be fewer documentaries and both South American and African bureaus will be closed. The CBC will not get a Canadian perspective on events in those areas.

The CBC has often published exposes of government as well as corporate Canada. The Harper Conservative government and many of his supporters do not like that one little bit. Many are opposed to any publicly funded media period. For more see the full article.

Things have changed as in 1932 during the establishment of the CBC Conservative Prime Minister R.B. Bennett said; "I cannot think that any government would be warranted in leaving the air to private exploitation and not reserving it for use of the people." See this article.

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