Friday, April 6, 2012

Mark Carney: Excessive household debt could threaten economy

Mark Carney Bank of Canada governor said that if excessive household debt threatened the economy he would act. Ten per cent of Canadians could be unable to meet their mortgage payments if interest rates increased to more normal rates says Carney.

Carney remarked:"In exceptional circumstances, if there are issues that threaten financial stability, such as household debt ... the bank could use monetary policy for that purpose," Most economists think that the Bank of Canada will keep interest rates at one per cent for some time yet as the economic recovery remains fragile. However there were good job numbers for the month of March many times the predicted amount. Perhaps this indicates the economic recovery is being sustained. The interest rate at present is far below the inflation rate.

At present household debt is 150 per cent of income. Carney claims this is unsustainable. Carney said:"We have never been as indebted as we are today as individuals," If Carney does decide to raise interest rates this could cause problems for those barely able to pay their mortgages now. See this article for more.

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