Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Budget cuts will mean loss of many public sector jobs

The PSAC (Public Service Alliance of Canada) a union that serves many public sector workers lists some of the areas and services that will face significant cuts as the Conservative government takes steps to reduce the deficit. The group claims that there will be tens of thousands of job losses.

Exactly where the cuts will be remains to be set out in many cases. There are to be very large cuts in the Dept. of National Defence but all on the civilian side. As a result services that are supportive of troops may very well be cut. Over a billion dollars is to be cut. There are to be cuts in Veterans Affairs as well 66 million added to a previous cut of 266 million. The government is always touting how marvelous our troops are but when they become veterans benefits are cut.

Agriculture Canada and Agri-food receive a ten per cent budget cut. Worst of all there will be 56.1 million cut from the food inspection agency an agency that is already woefully understaffed. With weakened inspections Canadians could face increased health risks.

Finally 183.2 million is cut from Human Resources and Skill Development a sector that already has backlogs because of staff shortages. Among the clients are seniors, and the unemployed. For more see the entire article here.

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