Saturday, November 29, 2008

Flaherty economic statement draws fire in Quebec election.

THis is from CTV.

In most media the equalisation cuts mentioned by Flaherty do not even come up but obviously it is a big issue in Quebec. Quebec unions are also concerned about the public sector unions losing the right to strike and having salary caps as well.

Economic statement draws fire on Quebec election trail
Updated Fri. Nov. 28 2008 6:27 PM ET
The Canadian Press
MONTREAL -- While prompting political turmoil in Ottawa, the Conservatives' economic statement was also coming under fire Friday on the Quebec election trail.
The Tories' fiscal plan was being used by sovereigntists as ammunition against Premier Jean Charest.
The Parti Quebecois accused Charest of watching idly as the feds cut equalization payments to the province by $1 billion, and described the move as a catastrophic financial loss for the province.
PQ Leader Pauline Marois insisted the Charest Liberals knew in advance about cuts contained in federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's economic statement and did their best to cover them up.
"The facts have been hidden from us, we have been manipulated to make us believe things are going well," Marois said in Sept-Iles.
The PQ leader drew links between the federal economic statement and the financial update delivered by Quebec Finance Minister Monique Jerome-Forget on the eve of the provincial campaign for the Dec. 8 election.
Jerome-Forget has been accused of fudging the numbers and exaggerating the revenues anticipated from private corporate investment in Quebec.
The PQ suggests that was done to cover up the hole left by the reduced equalization payments.

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