Monday, November 10, 2008

PM, Dion unite to trim costs.

This is from the Winnipeg Sun.
No mention of what cuts are envisioned to public spending. It will not be the military I imagine. The infrastructure spending is certainly a good idea as the need is great and it will help boost economic growth to some degree. Strengthening the ban on bulk water is also a positive development. I am a bit surprised that this is a priority for Harper. It sounds as if in the short term Harper is not going to try and bully his way past the opposition but we will see in the next few months what exactly happens.

November 8, 2008

Fresh from a bruising campaign, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Liberal Leader Stephane Dion are joining hands to trim government spending and keep Canada afloat through tough economic times.
The political rivals met yesterday and agreed to collaborate on ways to help the slumping economy during the upcoming session of Parliament. Described by one senior government official as "cordial and business-like," the two leaders will seek common ground on government spending cuts, accelerating infrastructure investment, strengthening the ban on bulk water exports and keeping corporate taxes intact.
And while Dion warned earlier in the week that Liberals would no longer give Harper's government a free ride by abstaining on confidence votes, the Conservatives don't seem to be scrapping for a fight.
"We're not seeking confrontation on issues that are secondary to the economic agenda at this point," said the government official. "Although we clearly were elected on a platform and will be looking to move forward on a range of areas, our focus and our priorities will be the economy."
Some Liberals have said publicly they won't support some of the Conservative tough-on-crime proposals.
Dunn said Harper sent a "positive signal" that he would set a collaborative tone for the coming session, but he hopes Conservatives will follow up by abandoning the political games that plagued the last session.
Before Parliament re-opens on Nov. 18, Harper will play host to the nation's premiers and territorial leaders for a special meeting on the economy Monday. A spokesman for the PM said the public wants to see its political leaders working together through the financial crisis instead of quarrelling over jurisdiction or critiquing the past.
As for aid for the struggling auto sector, an official said the PM is "very concerned" about the current situation but that funding decisions for any sector will be based on the best interests of Canadians and the economy.

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