Sunday, November 30, 2008

Harper's constituents resent election talk.

This is from the Calgary Sun.
Harper had a minority mandate. He has shown that he is not willing to respect the fact that he is in a minority. As a result he is paying the price for his hubris in thinking that the Liberals must swallow anything he puts on their plate. Now Harper is paying the price in that even some of his own supporters question his wisdom in provoking the Liberals and causing this crisis when he should be consulting the opposition in order to make parliament work. The co-operative spirit is completely gone and not likely to return for some time.

November 30, 2008
Harper's constituents resent election talk

Constituents in Prime Minister Stephen Harper's affluent Calgary riding were fuming about Ottawa's political showdown that might send Canadians back to the polls, just six weeks after the last election.
"It's disgusting what he's trying to do," said Charlene Dyck, 46, a stay-at-home mom who voted for Harper in the past two elections.
"He obviously wants a majority and he's not going to get it now," she said yesterday as she stood below the signs of Harper's Calgary Southwest constituency office in Glenmore Landing. "Who wants to go to the polls merely six weeks after the last one?"
Joey Quinn, a 36-year-old carpenter, lives in the neighbourhood but he didn't vote for Harper this year.
"The country is in disarray economically and that's what they're doing in Ottawa," said Quinn. "They should stop this political bickering now, because that's not why we sent these MPs to Parliament in the first place."
Nadine Hall, 42, shook her head at the thought of going back to the polls.
"Why can't he and other leaders make it work?"
Mount Royal College political scientist Keith Brownsey said he thinks the Conservatives have made a fundamental error.
"I think they're in a great deal of trouble now," he said, "and they certainly don't look good right now including the prime minister. He looks very, very nasty."
Brownsey said Harper is taking advantage of the worldwide economic downturn to pursue his political goal of "essentially eliminating the Liberal party and quashing any opposition to Conservatives."

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