Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Political correctness and speech police.

I am glad that there are none of these Orwellian right think right speak clown cops on the Internet. Apparently the idea is to turn the universities into civil non-threatening space where the universities can carry on with their growing links to the commercial military-industrial complex without being worried about any unrest of any kind. Just keep your studious nose to the grindstone and ignore the smell of corruption and the removal of any heated debate about taboo subjects. The taboos will spread like cancer cells.

November 19, 2008
University hires conversation cops
Student employees to tackle "offensive language"By THE CANADIAN PRESS
Kingston, Ont — Students who make politically incorrect comments at Ontario’s Queen’s University can expect a lecture, whether they’re in or out of class.
The Kingston university has hired student facilitators to step in if they overhear students making homophobic or racial slurs, remarks bashing women or other offensive language.
The dean of student affairs at Queen’s says if students are making offensive comments loud enough for others to hear, it’s not a private conversation anymore.
Jason Laker says the facilitators use a respectful, non-confrontational approach.
But Angela Hickman, who edits a campus newspaper, says having such a program could stifle public discussion.

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