Friday, November 28, 2008

Harper: Hubris, weasel words and lies..

Even though Harper did not win a majority he is governing as if he had a majority. He actually said at one time that he would do this. However, he has also said that Canadians want parties to work together to make parliament work and sounded as if he was willing to do this. Yet the economic update is a deliberate provocation directed at the opposition and filled with parts of a strong right wing agenda such as selling off crown assets at fire sale prices into a buyer's market and also attacks against public unions. It also is an attempt to bankrupt the Liberals by taking away public funding of political parties. Harper let Flaherty put forth this pathetic and pernicious package because he is overconfident. He thinks that the Liberals will cave as they did last session because they are broke and without a new leader. Instead of working with the opposition to help the economy that is falling into recession Harper is playing cynical games in order to further a transparent right wing agenda. For once the Liberals have so far stood up to this cynical bullying. The Harper government is not interested in consulting the opposition to ensure that parliament works. They are interested in bullying the opposition into passing a right wing agenda with no stimulus package. Neither Harper's lies nor his bullying will work this time. Pride and overconfidence go before a fall.

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