Friday, November 23, 2007

Calvert: New premier already making excuses.

This is standard right-wing rhetoric. Social program cuts will be justified by citing financial constraints. To save programs in the future they need to be cut now. Of course there will be no truck nor trade with raising taxes to pay for programs. Actually, Saskatchewan should be well off with the price of gas and oil even with its low royalties. Wall is coy in that he won't say what program involves dicey financing.

New premier already making excuses, Calvert says
Last Updated: Thursday, November 22, 2007 | 5:56 PM CT
CBC News
Suggestions from the Saskatchewan Party that the NDP left government finances in a mess have been vigorously denied by former premier Lorne Calvert.

Calvert said Thursday he couldn't believe the words coming out of Brad Wall's mouth Wedneday night, shortly after he was sworn in as Saskatchewan's 14th premier.

Calvert said he left a $2-billion surplus for Wall's government and if that's not enough, then the Saskatchewan Party can't manage its money.

"This has to be a world record," Calvert said.

"Ten minutes after the new premier is sworn in, he's out there now trying to find excuses for not keeping the promises they made. Trying right away to find excuses for what inevitably is going to result in cuts for Saskatchewan people. I've never seen it happen so fast."

On Wednesday, Wall told reporters he's had his first look at the province's books and didn't like what he saw.

"What the previous government has left behind, financially, is fairly stark," he said.

Wall said the problem isn't now, it's coming in future years unless the new government looks at its spending and makes some changes.

"The challenge is that some long-term program spending that the NDP have made commitments to are being funded by some one-time revenue or at least revenue that if you were budgeting prudently and carefully, you might not assume for future years."

Wall wouldn't say what program spending he's talking about or what exactly he intends to do about it.

People will have to wait until next week when the government releases its mid-year financial update, he said.

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