Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Speak up on Afghanistan

Harper's Independent (sic) Panel on the Afghan mission has a website where you can send your comments electronically here. Submissions can be sent up to Dec. 1 this year. This is your opportunity to let off steam. If you prefer you could send your comments by paper and snail mail to gather dust except for the odd researcher who will perhaps unearth your comments and make you famous in 2050.

The Independent Panel is Seeking Your FeedbackThe Independent Panel on Canada’s Future Role in Afghanistan is in the process of assessing and reviewing the range of factors and key issues important for the development of their recommendations. They are meeting with a variety of stakeholders and experts in Canada and abroad.

An important contribution to their analysis is input from the public. Your contribution, in the form of a written brief that can be submitted on-line, will provide the Panel with information that it may not otherwise be in a position to collect and consider.

Please ensure your submission meets the following requirements:

Submissions should not exceed 10 pages in length

Submissions should take into account the same considerations and options as those outlined in the panel’s terms of reference/mandate, or propose alternative considerations

Submissions should make specific recommendations about how Canada’s role in Afghanistan should be oriented post-2009
Submissions should be received by the panel no later than December 1, 2007.

Panel members would like to thank you in advance for your thoughtful input.

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