Sunday, November 18, 2007

NDP tabling motion to let war resisters stay in Canada

The problem is that unlike the Vietnam War there is not a draft so joining the forces is voluntary. However, the resisters are not resisting service per se but simply serving in Iraq since they regard that war as illegal which it is.
It is quite unlikely that the bill will get anywhere or that the Conservatives will do anything to change the situation. Harper thinks that we should have joined the US in Iraq but he has to be content with supporting the mess in Afghanistan.

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NDP tabling motion to let war resisters stay in Canada
OTTAWA – American war resisters have lost their final appeal today as the Supreme Court refused to hear their case. Having exhausted every avenue of appeal, at least two Americans are expected to be deported unless Minister of Immigration Diane Finley takes immediate action.

“To deport courageous war resisters who oppose the illegal invasion of Iraq is saying Yes to George W. Bush’s war and No to supporting and protecting people seeking peace,” said NDP Citizenship and Immigration Critic Olivia Chow (Trinity-Spadina). "The minister must intervene and allow the war resisters to stay in Canada."

Chow announced that she will be submitting a motion calling on the Citizenship and Immigration committee to hold hearings on this issue immediately. She will also call on the minister to intervene today.

Chow noted that a recent poll shows that almost two thirds of Ontarians, or 64.4 per cent, believe that Canada should allow war resisters to stay in Canada.


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