Sunday, November 11, 2007

New Alberta Licence Plate: No more wild rose?

Apparently the government has a website where you can submit your designs. I think an oil derrick with the slogan Texas north would be appropriate. For once I agree with the cops. Front plates seem quite reasonable to me.

Wild Rose Country no more?
Last Updated: Friday, November 9, 2007 | 12:02 PM MT
CBC News
Alberta's licence plate may be in for a facelift, including a new slogan to replace Wild Rose Country, Service Alberta Minister Lloyd Snelgrove said Thursday.

He wants to know what the public thinks about the current plate, designed more than 20 years ago, and whether it needs an overhaul.

"We're going to be forced to make a change soon because we're running out of combinations for letters and numbers with what we've got, " Snelgrove said, adding this gives the government the perfect opportunity to review the plate.

"I'm curious if Albertans want to have a kind of a singular message, whatever [it is], wild rose, strong and free, nine months of winter, whatever it is," he said.

"Or do they want to have more of an individual approach, like the veteran's plate, which is hugely successful. So we're just curious to find out."

Bringing back front licence plates is also under consideration, he said. Police organizations have asked for their return, saying it would aid law enforcement.

The Alberta government launched a special licence plate website that allows people to design their own plate and submit it for consideration.

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