Monday, September 24, 2007

Poll results MMP referendum

This is a sad result. It looks as if the vote for MMP will not pass because of apathy more than antipathy. This is from a WLU site.

September 24th, 2007 · Barry Kay
The Strategic Counsel poll in the Sept.24 Globe & Mail is the first systematic monitoring publicly available on the referendum. Unfortunately for supporters of election reform, the modest lead of MMP, 54% among those expressing a preference, is dwarfed by the massive lack of awareness or information by almost half the sample. Many of the uninformed might not vote on the issue, but among those who do, it is difficult to imagine a majority (much less 60%) supporting an issue they don’t understand. The lack of marketing visibility, and indeed interest in the issue, seem destined to preserve the status quo. As Geoff Stevens notes in a separate piece on the site, if people don’t perceive the electoral system to be broken, they aren’t inclined to fix it. BK

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