Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wildrose Party campaign bus feature soft porn of Danielle Smith

 Alberta tends to be an all or nothing state as far as parties are concerned usually electing large majorities for the winning party almost invariably some brand of conservative leaning party at least in recent times.

The leader of the Wildrose party Danielle Smith is facing another woman leader of the Progressive Conservatives Alison Redford. The main opposition on the left is the New Democratic Party.

As the Wildrose campaign bus was rolled out people soon noticed that the placement of Smith's picture was quite remarkable. Her head and shoulders are directly above the big back wheels of the bus framing them and it appears the wheels might be part of her anatomy! There has been enough negative reaction that the party has announced that her photo on the bus will be changed. Maybe the NDP opposition planned this!

Although Wildrose candidate Shannon Stubbs told CBC that the photo would be changed she said appropriately:"Albertans are going to want to talk about the challenges of the province, rather than pictures on the side of a campaign bus." However, it seems that photos on the bus and campaign gaffes will always be a subject of conversation as well. Even on so serious a news service as All Voices.

For more see this CBC article or the Globe and Mail. I have included a video of the bus from CBC television. The election is expected some time near the end of April. I predict the Progressive Conservatives will win!

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