Friday, March 23, 2012

Wildcat strike causes flight disruptions and cancellations at Toronto Pearson Airport.

Both ground staff and baggage handlers went on a wildcat strike on Thursday night int Toronto after Air Canada suspended three staff who apparently applauded sarcastically as Labor Minister Lisa Raitt walked through the airport. The government has drafted legislation that would force workers back to work.

Today Air Canada obtained an injunction to force the strikers back to work. However the work stoppage had already caused flight delays and cancellation and general chaos. Passengers were left hunting for their bags!

Air Canada has multiple labor problems both with pilots, mechanics and ground crew. Earlier flight attendants had to be legislated back to work. The attendants even rejected a contract agreed to by their union.

Flights were cancelled to Halifax but even to U.S. cities such as Washington and also to Tokyo Japan. These cancellations had a domino effect at other airports. Both union and company agreed no one will lose their job over the incident and there will be no legal action. For more see this article.

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