Friday, March 2, 2012

CSIS allowed to share information even if it could lead to torture

The Minister of Public Safety Vic Toews has given CSIS permission to share information with foreign agencies even when this could lead to torture. The four page directive to CSIS came from Toews in July 2011. The directive was secret and was just released to the Canadian Press under the Access to Information Act.

Amnest International secretary-general for Canada Alex Neve said that the directive contradicts Canada's commitments against torture. This is not likely to embarass Toews or the Conservatives. This is all for a good cause the war against terror and to keep Canadians safe. Unless that is you happen to be a wrongly accused Canadian such asMaher Arar. In that case you will be rendered to Syria or no doubt some new country now and tortured and interrogated.

CSIS can also use torture-tainted evidence if Canadian public safety is at rick. Many experts point out that under torture most people will confess to anything in order to have the torture stop. In the case of Maher Arar somehow information that only Canadian intelligence services likely had that Arar had trained in Afghan terror camps was leaked to the press. This was later shown to be obtained under torture and to be false. Nevertheless it was used to try and subvert attempts to get Arar released from a Syrian jail'

The source of the leak was never found. The investigators in Arar's case sent completely unvettted intelligence reports with much false information to their U.S. counterparts. In the U.S. Arar is still considered a member of AL Qaeda even though an expensive and extensive hearing here found him innocent of any terror connections and paid him ten million in compensation. No one was ever punished of the Canadian investigators. The operation had the patirotic name Öh Canada! NOTE: The O Canada group came from the RCMP not the CSIS).For more see this article.

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