Monday, March 26, 2012

The Cat Reporter at the NDP convention

This is a funny video a sort of takeoff on some right-wing cliches about the New Democratic Party. The reference to socialised medicine being forced on Canadians fifty or so years ago refers not to the NDP but its predecessor the CCF (Cooperative Commonwealth Federation) which initiated the first universal health care system in North America in the province of Saskatchewan.

The colour orange is associated with the NDP and is predominant in their signs. The surge in voter support for the party in the last election was called the Orange Crush. The cat reporter plays on this.

The video is produced by Rabble has a number of accounts of the convention some favorable but others critical. Murray Dobbin has a very caustic article on the choice of Thomas Mulcair as leader. His article is here.

The NDP has been moving right for years. Given that it is now the official opposition its main emphasis will be to become the government. To this end it will do whatever it thinks will attract the necessary votes. There is a socialist caucus within the membership but it remains to be seen if it will have much influence over policy.

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