Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cannon Wants to Push Afghan Mission

No doubt Cannon is being urged to do this by the U.S. No more word on attempts of the U.S. to convince Canada to stay on after 2011. No word word either on the killing of the police chief of Kandahar and other officers by a shadowy private group of guards hired by the U.S. for counter terrorism activities. Canada was involved in securing the area afterward and perhaps also in arresting and disarming them probably at the base outside of Kandahar.

This article is from the Vancouver Sun.

Minister wants to push Afghan mission

It's time for the United Nations to significantly step up its effort in Afghanistan beyond the capital, Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon is expected to tell the organization's Security Council today.
While Cannon will say the UN is playing a critical role in helping to organize the upcoming presidential and provincial council elections, he will also call for greater UN presence in areas beyond Kabul where the bulk of Canadian troops operate.
"Strengthening the rule of law in Afghanistan will be a long, hard road," Cannon is expected to tell the Council's 15 member states, who will be meeting to discuss the latest periodic report on the situation in Afghanistan.

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