Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ignatieff shafts the Green Shift

The Liberal Party must never again run against such potential contributors to the party funds as the Alberta oil industry. No doubt Ignatieff will be able to hammer out some wonderful compromise on environmental issues with the Conservative party.

This is from the Calgary Herald.

The Liberal leader used his stump-style speech to tout the economic virtues and reach of Alberta's oilsands, urging Canadians to take pride in the mammoth industrial development, which has touched off international environmental opposition.
The one instinct I've had from the beginning about the industry at the heart of this economy is this is a national industry--a national industry in which all Canadians should take pride," Ignatieff told about 600 Grit supporters at the zoo. "The Liberal Party of Canada must never, ever, ever run against that industry or against Alberta."

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