Friday, July 24, 2009

Flin Flon loses marijuana mine!

The new location of operations seems to be a secret! It is too bad that the pot producers could not get HudBay minerals to allow them to run the mine themselves but it seems the mining company is keen to close the mine down completely.
I wonder if the company will auction off the remaining plants to locals! That would be a nice going away party!

Patrick White

Winnipeg — From Globe and Mail
.Flin Flon is kicking its dope habit.

For nine years, the hardscrabble mining town more than 700 kilometres northwest of Winnipeg has been home to Canada's biggest legal grow op – the ganja mine, as it was known.

But thanks to a row between Prairie Plant and HudBay Minerals, the mining company that owns the high-security shaft where the marijuana is cultivated, the entire venture is going up in smoke.

“We've moved out; we're gone,” said Prairie Plant Systems President and CEO Brent Zettl. “It boils down to a disagreement between us and the senior management at HudBay.”

.................We found we could grow the plant really well under secure, environmentally isolated conditions and make money at it,” Mr. Zettl said.

That didn't mean it was out of sight, out of mind. A local entrepreneur sold 10,000 shirts bearing the slogan “Marijuana Capital of Canada,” elbowing out the town's previous claim to fame as the birthplace of hockey hall-of-famer Bobby Clarke in the process.

.....................HudBay's head of operations in Flin Flon, Tom Goodman, refused to comment on why it wouldn't negotiate a new lease. “It's quite simple, our contract with Prairie Plant has expired,” he said. “Things have come to their logical conclusion.”

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