Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Post-Dion Liberals flush with cash, new members.

This is from the Star.

All the Liberals need now are some better polls. Nothing is said about debt. Perhaps that is all paid off although I somehow doubt it. I guess Ignatieff is close enough to the Conservatives now that he is an acceptable alternative.
Come the fall and the next chance to turf Harper, if Ignatieff has very good polls he might actually try to bring down the Conservatives. However, there is no guarantee the Bloc and the NDP will necessarily help Ignatieff out.

Post-Dion Liberals flush with cash, new members TheStar.com - Canada - Post-Dion Liberals flush with cash, new members
June 30, 2009 Susan DelacourtOTTAWA BUREAU
OTTAWA – Federal Liberals, with newly doubled membership numbers, have raised almost as much in the first half of this year as they did in all of 2008, according to the party's national director, Rocco Rossi.
Almost $5 million has flowed into Liberal coffers since January, when Michael Ignatieff assumed the leadership after the departure of St├ęphane Dion.
As well, Rossi said, party membership has swelled from about 40,000 at the outset of the year to 90,000 today on the way to a goal of 100,000 members by Labour Day.
It's better news than the bleak set of figures the Liberals are due to file to Elections Canada today.
The new party president, Alf Apps, has said the Liberals took in only $5.9 million in 2008 – almost $1 million less than the year before.
Rossi said the 2008 report will show "relatively low fundraising, an election and therefore a lot of debt loaded on."
Better numbers are to be found in the Liberals' more recent past, Rossi argues. Everything the Liberals raise from here on in this year can be poured into the war chest for an election that could come as soon as September, he said.

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