Saturday, July 18, 2009

Alberta MLA turfed out of Tory Caucus for health policy criticism

Given the large majority that the Tories have in Alberta I guess they will not worry if they lose the odd member who feel a member should represent the interests of those who elected them. Health care cutbacks seem to be bipartisan these days as the BC Liberal government goes back on its election promise to save health care. For banks bailouts for health care cutbacks.

Alberta MLA kicked out of Tory caucus over health spending spat
Fort McMurray member Guy Boutilier has been asked to leave caucus after he made public complaints over funding delays for a long-term care facility in his constituency
“Last week, Mr. Boutilier spoke out against a government decision to delay building a long-term care facility in the oilsands boomtown that had been approved 18 months ago. Health minister Ron Liepert said the construction would be put off for four years.

Mr. Boutilier, who has held cabinet posts in both environment and international relations, said it doesn't make economic sense to put seniors in acute-care beds in hospitals.

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wrpn said...

Well he can always sit as an MLA for Wild Rose!