Friday, July 3, 2009

Tory Attack ads target Bloc Quebecois on crime issue

The Tories are experts at pandering to irrational fear and tainting any party that dare criticise their hard line views on crime. In this case the PQ was defending the right of judges to use their discretion. Cases often vary considerably in their details and depending on circumstances a more severe or lighter sentence would be reasonable. But not for the Tories.

New Tory attack ads target Bloc Quebecois on crime issue
The Canadian Press
The federal Conservatives have launched a new series of attack ads targeting the Bloc Quebecois on the crime issue.
The message features a blurry picture of a small boy leaving a park hand-in-hand with an older man while a nearby swing sits empty.
The campaign targets the Bloc as the only party to vote against a bill in April imposing minimum sentences for the trafficking of children.
The ad also states the Bloc prefers `sweet deals for criminals' and accuses Bloc MPs of voting `against the protection of children.'
Quebec Conservative MP Steven Blaney says the ads denounce the fact that the Bloc is voting against the values of Quebecers.
But Bloc MP and whip Michel Guimond says the party voted against Bill C-268 because it prevents judges from exercising discretion.

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