Thursday, June 11, 2009

Liberals take small lead in federal poll.

This is from UPI.

Even journalists have adopted the practice of calling mildly left parties "socialist" although they have nothing to do with socialism. When did you last hear a New Democrat call for the socialisation of the major means of production distribution and exchange. In Saskatchewan you had the NDP privatising crown corporations and then screaming when the Sask. Party was about to be elected that they -the Sask Party--would privatise more crown corporations. Although the NDP sometimes complains about privatisation you do not hear a thing about taking privatised corporations back into the public domain.
Ignatieff claims he has put the Conservatives on probation. It will be interesting if he decides that the Conservatives have flunked or broken the terms of their probation or if he will pull a Dion era stunt. I expect the latter although he might just move a motion of non-confidence and let the dimwitted NDP fall on their sword and commit suicide by supporting the Conservatives. The NDP does not want an election because the polls--except in Nova Scotia!--are not that favorable for them. Maybe Layton can repeat the Liberal refrain used in Dion times that Canadians do not want an election, especially in summer.

Poll: Canadian Liberals take small leadPublished: June 11, 2009 at 8:42 AM
With a Canadian federal election possible this year, the Liberal party has taken a lead over the minority Conservative government, a poll indicated Thursday.The EKOS poll of 6,259 adults was conducted May 29 through June 9 for the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. It found the Liberals under leader Michael Ignatieff had 35 percent support to Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives with 30.3 percent.Prior to last October's federal election, Conservatives had a 12-point lead, the CBC said.Among the other three parties, the socialist New Democratic Party had 15.1 percent support, the Green Party 10.4 percent and the separatist Bloc Quebecois 9.2 percent, the poll said.The poll had a 1 percent margin of error, EKOS said.In January, the Liberals agreed not to force an election with a non-confidence vote on the Conservative budget on the condition Parliament was given a series of "report cards" on how the government was dealing with the recession.Harper was scheduled to deliver the first of the reports Thursday and faces the possibility of being voted down.© 2009 United Press International, Inc. All Rights

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