Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ignatieff: The little boy who cries wolf but will sit on his paws.

This is from the Star.

Ignatieff makes all these noises about all these failings of the Tories but if all the opposition parties joined him to defeat the Conservatives Iggy would probably sit on his paws Fortunately for him he needn''t worry about that because Jack Layton says he is not interested in bringing down the government. What we need is a new Rhinoceros party.

Liberals rattle election sabre - Canada - Liberals rattle election sabre
June 03, 2009 Les WhittingtonOTTAWA BUREAU
OTTAWA – Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has added the medical isotope crisis to the list of reasons his party might try to force out Prime Minister Stephen Harper's minority government next week.
Coupled with the country's economic woes, the Conservatives' inability to keep the isotope-producing Chalk River nuclear reactor in service has raised questions about the Harper government's competence, Ignatieff said yesterday.
"I don't want an election, but we have a problem, a serious problem" with the competence of the government, he said.
In keeping with Liberal demands, the government must come forward with a report card next week on Ottawa's financial picture. The Liberals will then decide whether to try to bring down the Tory minority on a non-confidence vote and force an election.
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has already admitted the Conservatives will run a budget deficit this year of more than $50 billion, the largest shortfall ever. His calculations were thrown into even greater doubt yesterday when TD Bank said the cumulative federal deficit over the next five years will total $168 billion, nearly double the finance minister's projection.

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