Saturday, June 20, 2009

Taser Inquiry postponed after new misconduct evidence

Taser Inc. must be happy that the RCMP have made themselves look so bad that the heat is off concerning the tasers themselves to some extent!
The RCMP have taken the usual tack of trying to defend themselves and in doing so trying to mislead the public as well as spending a lot of taxpayer money to go to Poland on a witch hunt trying to dig up dirt on Dziekanski. This is a very sordid affair. Not only are the officiers directly involved blameworthy but so are the higherups who love coverups.

This is from Canwest.

Taser inquiry postponed after new misconduct evidence.

Canwest News ServiceJune 19, 2009

VANCOUVER - Closing submissions at the inquiry looking into the death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski have been postponed after the inquiry heard late evidence about misconduct by the RCMP officers involved in the Tasering death.
Lawyers for the Department of Justice have given the inquiry an internal RCMP e-mail between two senior RCMP members dated Nov. 5, 2007 which says the four Mounties who confronted Dziekanski discussed their strategy before they entered the Vancouver airport and agreed to Taser the man if he did not comply with orders.
During their testimony, the officers all claimed they did not talk to each other before going into the international terminal at the airport.
The late disclosure prompted tears from federal government lawyer Helen Roberts as she tried to explain why that crucial information was overlooked when it was given to her team more than a month ago.
``Canada continues, as it has all along, to fully support the work of this commission,'' she said. ``I do say, it was by oversight that this occurred.''
Roberts has taken full responsibility for the failure to disclose the e-mail in a timely manner.
Commission counsel Art Vertlieb said the late disclosure of the e-mail as evidence had resulted in a ``complete disruption of the process.''
``As you know Mr. Commissioner - you and your council have taken every possible step to prevent this from occurring. We don't want this to happen again,'' he said.
``We will need complete disclosure, and complete assurances of complete disclosure.''
Closing submissions in the Taser inquiry were scheduled to begin Friday, however they were postponed until the council's investigations are complete.
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