Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tories: Ignatieff has prorogued himself

The more I see of Michael Ignatieff the less likely it seems that he will ever lead a majority Liberal government. Perhaps the Liberals would have been better off to stay with Dion. At least he had a program and tried to stick to it. Ignatieff just seems to be going nowhere. The Conservatives may be hurt for a while by the Afghan detainee issue but this is hardly an issue that is going to cause Harper any long term pain. Meanwhile Harper is trying out You Tube where he can control the action. One commentator suggests it is like scoring a goal into an empty net. Well surely a goal is a goal. If You Tube is an easy way to score Harper might as well use it. Anyway the reaction certainly is not all positive. The National Post has an article on the You Tube production. The material below is from the Globe and Mail.

Tories pounce as 'Ignatieff prorogues himself'
Jane Taber

1. Easy target. After withstanding the slings and arrows of the opposition over their decision to prorogue Parliament, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are turning the tables on Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals.
“After Eight Days, Ignatieff Prorogues Himself…,” is the headline of an internal memo sent by Tory party officials in which they note the Liberal Leader was a no-show in the House of Commons Monday.
“Ignatieff is nowhere to be found,” says the cheeky memo, which is sent to Conservative officials, MPs and supporters.
Bolstering their case is that Mr. Ignatieff missed his caucus’s opposition day – a designated day on which the Liberals are allowed to debate a subject of their own choice.
Yesterday, they opted to tackle the wastefulness of taxpayer-funded mailings, called ten per centers. They argued these mass-mailing flyers are overly partisan and wasteful; they want them cut.
“Well, well, well,” the Tory memo says. “Look who’s not bothering to show up in Parliament for work today after only eight days of parliamentary sittings. That’s right – it’s Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff.”

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