Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Canadians will still sing in politically incorrect unity!

I usually just hum after the first few bars anyway. It seems that most Canadians are not worried about changing son's to a more gender neutral phrase of some sort. Maybe we could have had daughson''s commands although that would involve an awkward extra syllable! Apparently this is the only part of the throne speech that elicited an extremely negative reaction.

Canadians reject rewording of 'O Canada': poll

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA — A new poll provides insight into why the Harper government popped its own O Canada trial balloon so quickly last week: massive and immediate public opposition.

A survey by The Canadian Press Harris-Decima found that 74 per cent of respondents opposed rewording the national anthem to make it gender neutral, flak that began appearing even before Prime Minister Stephen Harper's spokesman grounded the notion just 48 hours after its was floated in the Conservative government's throne speech.

With only 19 per cent of respondents in favour, the anthem proposal was the one true clunker in a government blueprint that otherwise met widespread public approval.

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leftdog said...

The speed with which the government dropped this matter makes me suspiciously curious as to why it was even mentioned in the first place. Your thoughts .... ?