Saturday, March 27, 2010

Coulter safe and maybe sound at Calgary

Coulter thrives on goofiness. She is glad to be in the English Speaking part of Canada but everyone knows that Albertans speak Texan. I have not heard that Coulter spoke any French at the University of Ottawa and no doubt most of her audience were anglophones.
At least University of Calgary authorities did not engage in any stupid warnings to her that she ought to make sure she does not trespass hate laws! As one would expect nothing untoward happened. How come Coulter has not made it to some no fly list? This is from the National Post.

Coulter on tour: U.S. should annex 'everything from Calgary west'
Kevin Libin, National Post

The first public comment Ann Coulter made after touching down at Calgary's airport on Wednesday evening was "Already I feel safer."

And on Thursday night, at the University of Calgary, there was nothing like the of the pandemonium that greeted Ms. Coulter at the University Ottawa earlier this week, where masses of protestors demanding the U.S. author and pundit be denied a podium - after their provost had warned her she risked being charged for hate speech while on his campus - were able to make it so by prompting security officials to cancel the event out of "safety" concerns.

In Calgary, about 40 protesters were nearly outnumbered by the reporters sent to cover them. The anti-Coulter demonstrators stood gathered outside the entrance to the Red and White Club at Calgary's McMahon Stadium waving homemade signs and chanting "Ann Coulter go home" and "free speech not hate speech," while about 900 students and ticketholders filed in quietly and orderly.

Inside, Ms. Coulter was greeted with repeated standing ovations as she offered up an hour of jokes about political correctness and U.S. politics.

But the closest she came to targeting any minorities was when she cracked three or four jokes about gay activists. At one point she criticized how gays compared their struggle to that of segregated blacks.

"You'd think there were ‘straights-only' water fountains," she said. "As if a gay male would ever drink non-bottled water."

Several students politely argued with Ms. Coulter about her positions in the question and answer session that followed, but several people in the crowd said they had come specifically in response to the University of Ottawa episode.

"I'm not going to let some mob push me around," one latecomer said.

Ms. Coulter said she was relieved to be in the "English-speaking part of Canada," and said she planned to campaign for the U.S. to annex "everything from Calgary west."

National Post

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